Barnacle Bart Batman Party

Dr. Bart trains the next Batman!


Any Barnacle Bart theme party or magic show is designed to be an outrageously funny adventure for everyone involved!
We have spent many long hours developing and testing each and every routine in our act to make sure that it is perfect for your child.

You will start by choosing a theme for your show. Pirates? Superheroes? Wizards? The latest pop-culture phenomenon? We are ready to put on a show that fits whatever theme you choose! Our performance will be custom-tailored, from top to bottom, to fit your theme! Don’t want a theme? That’s O.K. too! Sometimes all you need is a magic man in a nice vest.

Once you have your theme, we will dress up and get into character based on the theme you’ve chosen. We bring costumes and props as well as a variety of tricks, games and fun stories to tell during his shows. All of the magic and games are age-appropriate and 100% safe if imitated. We entertain with the highest ideals in mind; co-operative, non-aggressive, and high-energy fun!



There are many ways to experience a Barnacle Bart theme show! Choosing the right style is key to making the most of all the effort you’ve put into your theme party!

The different types are: Special Event Performance, Educational Performance, and Special Event Strolling.


Toronto Pirate Kids Magician

Spiderman turns five!


Special event performances are completely “for fun” and more often than not will be highlighting a specific achievement in a child’s life. This is a time to celebrate and place that child on the highest pedestal! Luckily, we have just the thing!

Our special event shows last from 30 minutes to two-hours long. In the show, the V.I.P will be brought up to assume the role of the “Hero” in our story, complete with a costume if he/she doesn’t already have one! From there, we will tell a story that revolves around the V.I.P. and their friends exploring the chosen theme. Is it a pirate adventure for lost treasure? Are they slinging webs as spiderman? The show is set up to seem as if the control is entirely in the hands of the children. This helps to keep them entertained, focused, and always waiting to see what they can do next. Our performance ends with an amazing finale that highlights our hero (your child!) once more before ending to cheers and applause!

If the children are still looking for more after the show is done, we have balloons! At your request, we will make balloon sculptures for each and every child. Swords, shields, flowers, horses! You name it, we can make it! More complex balloon structures can also be made in advance to be used as decoration, creative centerpieces or even fantastical give-away prizes!



Educational performances are typical school-based but they are also a great way to bring learning to any event!

Toronto's Funny Pirate Kids Magician

Barnacle Bart teaches the Magic Club some new tricks!

We have a number of shows already established that teaches children what they need to know about reading, bullying, Halloween safety or teamwork! Other topics can be covered by request. Educational shows have just as much fun as the special event shows, except the theme is toned down to make room for the knowledge that the children need to absorb. That doesn’t mean the kids won’t be laughing and cheering by the end of the show though! As a teacher or parent, you will have peace of mind that I am on your side to ensure everyone has a great time, full of learning, all thanks to you!




Tyler Barnacle Bart Yellow Brick House

Tyler entertains at the Yellow Brick House Gala!


Planning a gathering but don’t have time for a full show? Are you running an event or festival that will see lots of people moving from one location to another or waiting for other festivities to start? Special Event Strolling is exactly what you need! For this style of performance, we will dress up according to your theme and walk around your event, entertaining guests and keeping everyone excited.

There is no specific structure to this type of show. The goal is simply to prevent anyone from being bored! Children and adults alike will be drawn into little adventures of magic and fun! Card tricks, coin tricks, floating objects and all manner of interesting close-up magic will be put on display in this style of show! We guarantee that all interactions will be age-appropriate – no card tricks for 4 year olds or sponge-balls for Uncle Jim.



Barnacle Bart Easter Little Phantom LP

Special Visit from the Easter Bunny!


Holidays are a special time of year and we know how to celebrate like the best of them! Nothing brings our the spirit of season more than a fully-themed performance! Need someone to introduce Santa Claus to your school? Looking for an MC for the family Easter Egg Hunt? Want a hilarious officiant for the office Halloween costume contest? We are ready and willing to put on a holiday-themed show you won’t forget!





If you would like to book a show, or would like more information about our packages and pricing, please feel free to contact us via phone or email: 416-998-0651 or info@barnaclebart.com.

Toronto's Funny Pirate Kids Magician

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