Tyler Salvador and Little Phantom

Tyler and Little Phantom

Barnacle Bart is Tyler Salvador. He was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on June 2, 1986. He is married to the love of his life and together they live with their cat and a magical bunny, Little Phantom (or L.P. for short!)

Tyler has been a working in the entertainment industry for over eight years in numerous roles on and off stage. As a magician and performer, his number one goal is simple: engage and explore the imagination of children.

With his cartoonish skits, over-the-top silliness, and amazing magical illusions, Tyler is able to bring everyone on an exciting journey! Inspired by the iconic Mr. Dress-Up, Ernie Coombs, he decided early in his career to focus on children’s entertainment and the art of playing pretend! With his costumes, puppets, and props, everyone gets to dress-up and have fun – whether it’s pirates, superheroes, wizards, or any character your child can imagine!

Tyler practices his skills daily as well as keeping up to date with the latest in magical miracles! He learned his trade from the works of famous performers such as David Kaye (Silly Billy), Danny Orleans, Jamie D. Grant, Darwin Ortiz, and the late Ernie Coombs.

Tyler is also a skilled balloon twister! He’s able to create anything your child desires out of colourful balloons – swords, hats, superheroes, flower bracelets, Pokemon… He can make it all!  Tyler believes balloons are the perfect item to support the wild imagination of children. The kids will all be cheering with joy when the simple comment of “I’m a Jedi!” turns into a light-saber balloon adventure with your child at the center!

magic rabbit



Born on November 16, 2014 – Little Phantom (or L.P. for short) is a fuzzy lop-eared rabbit and Tyler’s trusted sidekick! L.P. is very friendly and has learned a number of amazing tricks he can do all by himself including running through tunnels, knocking balls off pedestals and giving bunny kisses to friendly children!




Want to know more? Take a look behind the scenes with the Malabar Montage video below!

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