Barnacle Bart and amazing kids magic at Anthony’s Birthday!

Toronto Pirate Kids Magician Birthday
Toronto's Funny Pirate Magician

Barnacle Bart with Quartermaster Megan

Barnacle Bart just helped Anthony celebrate his 6th birthday and boy was it exciting! Thankfully there were plenty of people on hands with cameras so we were able to catch plenty of amazing moments! Anthony’s magic show was an hour long and we had so much fun laughing and clapping through every second of it!

Did I mentioned that this party was all the way north in Wasaga Beach!? Wow! That’s quite the trip for Bart to make!

Toronto's Funny Pirate Magician

Anthony has a great handshake!




Unfortunately Bart wasn’t able to bring his colouring pages to this party so here’s an image for everyone to save and print out at home! Maybe mom and dad can scan the coloured images and send them back so we can post them on the website! That definately sounds like a great idea!



Toronto's Funny Pirate Magician

It’s a Barnacle Bart Colouring Page!

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