Bart the Magic Pirate vs The Avengers! Nikolis’ Birthday Party!

Toronto Pirate Kids Magician Birthday

Wow! Bart just got back from the SUPER birthday of Nikolis and it was… well… super! Everyone was dressed up like their favorite superheroes! We had Iron Man, Wolverine, TWO Captain Americas, THREE Spidermen, and one Ninja Turtle! Everyone had a great time and we were lucky to have our good friend from Dan Shot First Photography along for the ride to take some stellar HD pictures of the event!

I won’t write anymore. You know what they say, a picture is worth 1000 words!

Toronto's Funny Pirate Magician

Bart loses a hand!

Toronto's  Funny Pirate Magician

Captain America gets his picture drawn!

Toronto's Funny Pirate Magician!

Story Time!

Toronto's Funny Pirate Magician

It’s a magic photo album!

Toronto's Funny Pirate Magician

Spiderman has too many wands!

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