Magic and Fun at the “Mending Hearts, Creating Dreams” Gala!

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Toronto's Funny MagicianI was very fortunate this year to be contacted by a good friend of mine to take part in the “Mending Hearts, Creating Dreams” Gala put on by the Yellow Brick House in support of empowering abused women and children. Although I was performing for adults, I still felt that I was doing my job as a children’s entertainer by supporting a group that really helps children in need.

I’ve very thankful for everyone who showed up (performers, staff and guests) to this event to give their hard-earned time and money to this great cause. You guys are the ones that really make a difference. Thank you!

I especially want to thank the Yellow Brick House crew for all their hard work and the AMAZING attitude. I was able to hang out and perform for almost all of them at some point or another. They are all great people! They also gave me this unbelievable testimonial to boot! So for that and more, I thank them.


Tyler was truly an amazing addition to our Mending Hearts…Creating Dreams Gala. He was professional, courteous and above all else, a mind-boggling and talented magician. We heard rave reviews about Tyler’s illusions and I know our guests were thrilled and intrigued with his illusions. I would highly recommend his professional services to others.”

– Amber Gordon-Bunn, Yellow Brick House event committee

Even though there was a photographer going around, I only managed to get a meager five pictures of myself from the event.Two of them are practically the same and one is kinda blurry. Such is life. I guess I’ll have to peacock more for the camera next time! 😀

Toronto's Funny MagicianToronto's Funny Magician

Toronto's funny magician


Deja vu

Toronto's Funny Magician