Parrots and Rabbits and Magic! Oh My!

Toronto Pirate Kids Magician

The Quest for Squawks has ended! 😦

The quest for something else has begun!


When I felt like I ran out of new information on the internet, I joined a few parrot forums to present them with my idea and see what they thought. To my surprise, it was largely negative comments that I received. Nothing rude or offensive, simply that a parrot was not a good animal for children. The biggest issue that helped me make my decision was a few trainers mentioned that a parrot can never been 100% trained. If it feels like flying away, whether for food, curiosity, or because it was scared, it will do so. If one day during a my show a parrot decided to fly and land on one of the children in my audience, he could seriously hurt them with his claws. I never want to risk the safety of my audience, your children, ever.

So with a heavy heart I have abandoned by month-long search for the perfect bird and begun my quest for the animal that will best suit my needs. As I write this entry, the best animal seems to be a mini lop rabbit. I’ll do some more research and let you know how it turns out!

See you then!


If anyone is looking for information about parrots, please check out Trained Parrot and both Parrot Forums for plenty of information and help! Thanks also to Jungle Services in London, ON for the conversation and advice!


Toronto's Funny Pirate Magician with Rabbit

Do you think he’s pirate material?