Barnacle Bart is Back With a Bunny!

Barnacle Bart and Little Phantom

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Barnacle Bart and Little Phantom

“Oh hello!”

As I was saying…

It’s been a wild ride since my last post. Barnacle Bart is now a married man and, as you may have already noticed, we’ve got ourselves a brand new member of the crew!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you… Little Phantom!

Barnacle Bart and Little Phantom

He’s a fuzzy lop with an award-winning pedigree from Meg’s Fancy Bunnies. (They are excellent breeders and a pleasure to deal with! Check them out HERE and HERE!) He will grow to be about 4lbs. He’s was born November 12, 2014 and he is the most social bunny I have ever seen. He will make a great addition to the show!

Take a look at his life from birth until now by checking out his photo albums on our facebook page HERE.

We also built him a mansion of a bunny cage (or bunny condo as they are typically called) and you can see all the details that went into building it HERE.

I will be keeping his facebook album up to date with pictures and videos of his growth and training so please check back often to see how he’s doing!

It will most likely be closer to the end of 2015 before he is show-ready. If you are interested in having Little Phantom at YOUR party before that time, please contact me and I’ll see what we can do.

That’s all from us for now.

We wish you all a very Happy Holidays and an Exciting New Year!