The Many Faces of Barnacle Bart

Barnacle Bart Wizards Scientists Superheroes Pirates Star Wars Vikings Vampires Christmas

I recently had the chance to do a photo shoot at Malabar, a Toronto-based costume shop! If you’re wondering what kind of theme to use for your next party, why not try out one of these! Make sure to check out of Malabar Montage video at the bottom!

Barnacle Bart Star Wars Jedi

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… STAR WARS!

Barnacle Bart Scientist

I wonder what kind of super powers that green goo will give me!

Barnacle Bart How to Train your Dragon

Can anyone tell me how to train my dragon?

Barnacle Bart Harry Potter

Meet the newest professor at Hogwarts!

Barnacle Bart Vampire

Look! I’m a vampire! Blah blah-blah!

Barnacle Bart Browser's Den

Have you visited Browser’s Den of Magic in Toronto? Tell them Bart sent ya!

Barnacle Bart Christmas Elf

A magical way to introduce Santa Claus!

Barnacle Bart Pirate

Ahoy there, matey! Pirates are ALWAYS in style!


Like what you see? Barnacle Bart caters to all these themes and MORE! Get in touch and we’ll talk about putting together your next amazing theme party!


Want to see more behind the scenes footage? Check out our Malabar Montage video below!